LDN 5: The Story – Coming this February to Desert Hot Springs, CA

You are going to need this come February.

It is getting dark early; your scarf collection is in full rotation.

What's your story?

You were giddy at New Years but now you are suddenly in a staring contest with 2014.

Your to-do list is a mile long.
Your wish list is even longer.

Give that list (and your mind) the space it deserves and join us.

life(dot)next #5 is about the power of Story and our even bigger power to craft it. We often ride the same arcs — tell the same stories over and over until they are deep furrows — untilthey feel like the only real thing. But when we begin to notice and adapt them – we can create a new path and transformative narratives about the future we envision for ourselves.

Somewhere in the desert empire sits an entire resort reserved just for you. Mineral fed pools, sunny expanse, mountains. More air.

(Thank you, SoCal, for turning February into a less miserable experience.)

You can register here!


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