About this site:

Through boutique retreats, and career and lifestyle events, life(dot)next is an event-driven community that says yes to the prolific and outlandish possibilities of what’s next.
We are a forum for professional women to come together and manufacture the bricks of an empire. We create scaffolding for our daydreams to help bring them into the real world.

About Meg:


By focusing on authenticity, Meg leads people and organizations through complex change initiatives and helps them reconnect with their purpose.

She has over a decade of management experience in higher education and public sector technology and consults on hosting practice, organizational development, strategic planning, executive coaching, high-performance team building, knowledge and change management, and technology transfer.

She is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop.

She’s an ENFP, a Gen-Xer, a Libra, a writer, an editor, a wife, a mom, and the goddaughter of a witch. She lives in West LA with her family.

(During down time, Meg breaks grammatical rules purposefully, visits state fairs with abandon, and watches lots of vampire shows.)