Living with Complexity

“The world is complex; our tools need to match that complexity.” -Donald Norman in Living with Complexity.

People might describe my work style as spastic. Jumping from thing to thing. Multi-tasking. All those frenetic habits that every good productivity book tells you to shed on page one. So what? At the end of the day, I have a list of things I’ve accomplished. But I often feel I’m making my way through dense jungle when I could’ve taken an easier way out of the bramble. I want to figure out if this style is a.) something I should attempt to change; b.) simply a result of my personality, or c.) exists because what I do for a living (public sector IT mgmt) only represents a fraction of what I’d like to do and become. It feels like the career piece is being subsumed by the lush vegetation of other things commanding my attention. Am I purposely adding complexity to my work and home life in order to create the illusion that I’m doing more of what I want to do (writing, design, hosting, exploring)? Or is this the wave of the future – looking for methods to navigate all your interests, skills, hobbies, habits and obsessions? What do you think?