Hey ladies

So it’s been a shameful six months since I’ve posted. Shameful only in the sense that I’d always intended to write more up here and that guilt kicks in when I think about lost opportunity. But in that intervening time I’ve made good on a couple of life-list items. The most dramatic of which was moving my self and family to the west coast. The irony is that I’m now so far away (physically) from all of you wonderful women who supported and coached me through my job search and decision to move out to Los Angeles. Now nestled in Westwood, it seems like I need to rebuild my life-list from scratch. The frame of where I live and work now is so drastically different than central Ohio, it may as well be another country. Even the culture of higher ed feels less familiar. Are any of you working on your life-lists? Fall for me has always been an ecstatically busy time- where some genetic alarm goes off that sets me into a motivated scurry to begin projects, reconnect with old friends, experiment, frolic, enjoy the last blips of warm weather. What’s on your list? When should we meet again?